Gif, and man flu…

This has not been a good week. I’ve had the man flu and it has felt that my head were going to explode. It has been difficult to concentrate but somehow, I barely survived this week. Even though I felt like I was going to die, with headache and a temperature at 38,5* CELSIUS. Yeep, it is hard to be a man having the flu.

Anyway… it’s time for the weekly blogpost. This week we started off with making gifs. It was easier than I thought and easy to learn. It was pretty much straight forward. Select some pictures or a video à Cut or/and edit. à Upload. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I made a gif where I showed how to make a DDA. To be honest I should have learned this earlier, but I guess it’s never to late to learn something new.

Other things we did this week was learning about stuff. I am not sure what we actually learned this week because I have been a bit lost this whole week. I have kind of lived in my own bubble. But I remember that we talked about the artwork made by Wolfgang Staehle, named “Empire 24/7”, and the artwork “Every Shot, Every Episode” made by Jennifer McCoy and Kevin McCoy. Two interesting artworks and some artworks that I would like to see in real life.

We have also tried to have a twitter chat this week. That was an entertaining event, and fun. We had it two times this week. One on Tuesday and one on Thursday. What we did was as following. We watched some movies about digital art (“Sky Magic Live” and “Eunoia II”) and later answered some questions on twitter that @Netnarr had asked us. It was fun, and I liked this event. One thing I liked about this was that we could read what other people are thinking about the different questions, and I could see how other reflected on these videos. A fun exercise and I would like to do it again.

Yesterday (Thursday) we went to the library after the lecture. There was a presentation made by Daniel Jung there. The presentation was about “Science referencing in the age of digital production”. A presentation where he told about how editors used software to see through their texts instead of doing It manually. It was also about how editors did a bad job in checking the texts. A very good presentation and also a very interesting.

All in all, it has been a very nice week, but also an exhausting week. Looking forward to next week.

Here is the gif I made this week.

Have a nice weekend.


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